SCA2.0 Series

| Super flat structure  | Ultra lightweight design
| Driver integration    | High-performance control

SCA with super low cost and high performance

QDD Lite series is the composite material version of MINTASCA actuators.
The composite materials combined with manufacturing process greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of traditional all-metal actuators and the R&D cost of high-performance robots.


High-performance desktop multi-joint robot. All joints are adopted by QDD Lite-NE30 actuators

QDD Lite is the entry series of MINTASCA actuators. It replaces some of the metal structural parts
of the MINTASCA standard Edition with MINTASCA's newly developed reinforced composite materials,
which are forged through a multi-material manufacturing process.

| Compliant | Highly integrated | Driver integration | High-performance control |

Delicate and concise, with solid foundation

Excellent motor technology, driver technology, encoder technology and reducer technology
are highly integrated to provide excellent solutions for the development of robots!

World's Outstanding Smart Compliant Actuator

MINTASCA is intelligent, highly integrated, and advanced Smart Compliant Actuator with flexible and safe control capabilities.

They are using MINTASCA....